Thank You

There is no concise way to talk about Vladimir Mayakovsky. I'm very proud of the work presented here, but even still I feel it is not enough: there is just too much to talk about with Mayakovsky, and too much to talk about before one even gets to Mayakovsky. But this is a problem he struggled with his whole life- he was just too much of a person, far larger than he or anyone else could ever manage. So maybe it's a good thing that as I end my study for now, that I am left with many more questions than I started out with. I think it would be insulting to him otherwise.
And so, this is only the humblest attempt to present and understand this person, one of the defining artists of the 20th century.

Thank you to Professor Thomas Beyer, for the opportunity to do this project, and his enthusiasm and expertise in all things Russia and beyond.
Also, thank you to Igor Mukhin, who recorded the poetry for me.

And to anyone who's ever had to sit and listen to me talk about Russia, thank you.

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